Consultant Info

Which consultant(s) in karachi is most reliable and has highest success rate for Australlian immigration under General Skilled Migration Program??

I have met half a dozon consultants but still in a fix whom to finalize..

please guide..


do your own research its all in australian imm govt websites, go through imm related forums all on net, and don't trust desi consultants period.


australian embassy is near abdullah shah ghazi's mazaar, they will help u out for free

Does Australia offers immigration aswell? o.O .. i thought its only Canada taking in immigrants until now.

Can someone tell me in terms of ease of getting immigration how wud u put these coutries in order; America, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand ??

One of my office colleague is going to Australia in Jan next year (or probably at the end of Dec this year) on student visa. I have heard that job situation for IT professionals is not very well there.

Another friend of mine tried going to Australia a 4, 5 years ago and also hired a consultant from Clifton/Defence Karachi. I don't remember their name but seemed to be well known in this field. Nothing came out of it as my friend didn't get visa.

It JOBS ARE not good because of the Outsourcing scene. Plus very competitive.. Australia is growing as comparison to other countries though. Per hour wage is more than North Amreeka