Construction cost for commercial plaza 4 marla

Need idea on construction cost per square foot for 4 marla commercial plaza.

Total floors are 7 including basement.

If i opt for labour rate only and provide material, what are the ongoing rates for excavation, gray, steel fixing, electricity, plumbing for gray structure only?

If i missed any team, please guide me because this is my first project and i have decided to do it myself on labour rate.

Also please tell me is UnderGroundWaterTank, U.G.SepticTank, OverheadWaterTank also included in this gray Labour?

Thanks and regards.

why dont you visit an under construction plaza and meet its thekedar? if you show him proof of your owned property, he will come to you himself and explain each and everything including govt depts handling and Rishwat management... after having a clear idea, you can go further and meet more contractors and gain more insight..

for a 1st time project it would be highly advisable not to go in head first and DIY.. construction is a very very complicated and tricky business, and LDA will be on your Ass AFTER you have completed everything.. they never come on time even if you beg them..only after completion they will come with a register full of your violations..

Be safe, play smart.. start small..make 1-2 stories first.. after you gain experience then build the rest yourself.. cz y then you will have had LDA approval... from then, it will be very easy..

currently a few small commercial plazas are being constructed on cinema road near montgomery road.. you can visit their site and see yourself..

There can be difference in labour cost in Sialkot and Lahore.

But for sailkot i am currently building a Commercial Plaza on Wazirabad Road, Sambrial city. Area is 20Marlas with two stories. No basements(as the building cost of basement in this area exceeds the total cost of the whole PLaza due to "سیم تھور")۔)

When i started construction there were many suggstions from different people, but the best way was to buy the material my self in huge quantities to cut the cost and make contract for the labour.
So the the contract offered was 120rupees per square foot, that includes the standing walls completely cemented and cemented floors. As for the extra shelves in the upper few residential flats, the labor cost was again calculated at same price. Same is for the stairs and any extra work done. And for the finishing, i decided to lay granite floor tiles in the whole plaza so i went to Gujranwala and got a cheaper price for per square meter for the commercial grade tiles, that is 780rupees, which is way more affordable than the cost offered by dealers in Sialkot i.e. 820rupees.

Steel fixing will also be charged at per square feet but it is better to let him take the headache of the material. I don't remember the rates of steel fixing(plus material), electricity and plumbing at this time but i'll share after checking the reciepts.

As i never opted for basement so i don't know the excavation cost. But i know that the cost of water tank will not be included in the gray, you'll have to pay separately.

Also, For this is your first time, you should get a proper map of your building from any building consultant and let him deal with the authorities, that will be in your LDA. Don't even think that making a proper Map and and paying complete fees of LDA will get them off your ass. This would be the biggest headache throughout your building experience.

Also do check if making such building LESCO will require you to get your own transformer or not?
Because in our case we had to get our own Transformer 50kva.

Meets as many contractors as you can to get a better understanding of your local construction market.
I'll share the futher details afterwards.

Thanks bro for the detailed.

Very few people give such detailed information like you did with such Khayr.

I am thinking of giving contract with material as I have other things to do so i think its better to do it this way.