Considering a Fluke 87V... worth it?

I'm considering purchasing a Fluke 87V for myself. My current DMM is a Sanwa which has served me well since 2007. My main limitation with the meter is that it can only measure upto 200mA.

But my question is - is it really worth it? I do gain a lot with the meter as it has lots of features that my Sanwa doesn't. Are there any Fluke owners here who would chime in? There are a lot of cheaper meters that have the same features so I don't understand why Fluke overcharges so much.

What specific features do you want in the meter?

Voltage (AC/DC), current (AC/DC), resistance, continuity check (beep thingy), diode/transistor check, temperature, etc?

At least 2A current measurement, for one. My current meter is 4000 counts, I'd like a bit more. 6000 counts would be very nice. Temperature measurement would be nice to have.

Which meter are you currently using? Have you explored the Fluke meters available locally?

I'm using a Sanwa CD800a. I haven't really seen the local market (being in Bahawalpur has it's disadvantages...). However, I have a friend in Japan who can send me a Fluke so availability is (almost) a non-issue.

i m using a cheapo cheapo multimeter DT-830B ,, it cost about 300 PKR,, it can measure currents upto 10amps,and i m pretty much satisfied with it,, i tested it with digital oscilliscopes in our university an surprisingly all of its resluts in current ,voltage etc were same,,i also compared it with an expensive uni-t multimeter in university and got same results on both,, so u can give it a try,,

for more detail i m giving u a link where the accuracy of this meter is compard along with other expnsive equipement,,

i would recomend this one if u are using normal components *not the highly extremely military grade precise components like resistors diodes etc,,) .,,

have a look at the following site and decide for yourself


Uni-T and Fluke are a class apart. If you have no issues relating to procurement, go for the 87V.

^^ ya,,

i compared the readings of dt830b with a tektronix oscilliscopes and both had same results,, no doubt fluke are outclass best products but the accuracy offered by them need an equaly quality component to be measured with,, for normal use there is no difference in accuracy,,

i would encourage you to read the article link to which i posted earlier ,, and decide the beast item,,

If going for the 87V, try to get the latest revision:

For basic measurements like voltage, current, resistance readings amongst other stuff, the Fluke 15B or Fluke 17B, which are available locally, will suffice too. They are cheap (price wise) and made for selling in China only. You can find plenty of reviews online. I don't know if they offer any benefit over your Sanwa but you can do that comparison.

Use the Fluke China website for getting the specs. You won't find them on Fluke USA website.