Connection unstable

My internet connection is very unstable, If anyone can let me know what is wrong, My connection was working fine before 3 days, but 3 days ago my adsl light blinks after hour, if im lucky it can connect to internet after few hours. then i get this stats, I have 4MB connection btw

DownstreamUpstreamSNR Margin (dB):7.6 7.0 Attenuation (dB):61.0 31.5 Output Power (dBm):17.6 12.1 Attainable Rate (Kbps):832 256 Rate (Kbps):608 128 K (number of bytes in DMT frame):20 5 R (number of check bytes in RS code word):16 16 S (RS code word size in DMT frame):8 16 D (interleaver depth):8 1 Delay (msec):16 4 Super Frames:83542 83484 Super Frame Errors:0 0 RS Words:710110 354807 RS Correctable Errors:37131 8 RS Uncorrectable Errors:0 N/A HEC Errors:0 0 OCD Errors:0 0 LCD Errors:0 0 Total Cells:2037459 0 Data Cells:1209151 0 Bit Errors:0 0 Total ES:0 0 Total SES:0 0 Total UAS:20 0

SNR margin is low, and you are facing sync issues. This is usually caused by noise, which is caused by a deteriorating junction somewhere. Pick your phoneset and see if there is any noise in the line, if so file a complaint with 1218 about noise in the phone line. If there is no noise complain about frequent disconnections.