Connect to a Specific IP on Warid EDGE?


i have been noticing for the last two weeks that the 202.x.x.x ip is better in connectivity, data transfer and stability than the 58.x.x.x one. has anyone else noticed it?

plus; is it possible, even in theory, to connect to a specific ip or they are just assigned randomly and the only way to get the 202.x.x.x ip is to rapidly connect/disconnect till i get connected to it?

EDIT: in other words does Warid provide Static IP over GPRS/EDGE :) (tried google)

I have stated this in detail in this thread many times. See the following specific posts:

And as far as static IP is concerned, If you use Warid in one city, your public IP would be static for every IP/website you connect to. Either Wateen's 58....., or Cybernet's 202.......

oh, ok. had laready read it. i guess warid does not offer static ip as a service. thx

Wateen is providing fiber to Warid for its GPRS. Cyber Net is also one of the companies which provided bandwidth for Warid's GPRS. Probably the RWP ring has not been converted to Wateen or maybe there was a backup link while you were connected. You know, these companies can't rely on one service provider as if it goes down, the entire GPRS network will go down