Confusion about Prepaid and Postpaid

I recently bought Evo Wingle device, its package is Rs. 1250 per month with data limit of 30GB. I paid device charges and 1 month's payment in advance.. so it is "Prepaid" account right?

Now I just checked on PTCL website they say

*Additional usage at Rs. 0.15/MB on prepay & Rs. 150/GB on postpay.

What I don't understand here is that I paid 1250 and got 1 month internet service, if 1 month expires or I reached the limit of 30GB then my internet will stop right? so how can they still charge me Rs. 0.15/MB for additional usage?

Could anyone please help me understanding this?

They must be talking about postpaid, as additional usage can be adjusted in PTCL bill. If you are using prepaid, it will stop working after data limit is reached regardless of 30 days limit. It will also stop if 30 days limit is reached regardless of data limit. Basically you have 30 GB to use for 30 days, its up to you to use it at a rate of 1 GB per day for 30 days or consume 30 GB within a week.

^ Exactly what I understand but they mentioned the rate of "Rs. 0.15/MB on Prepay"... this is making confusion.

If my internet stops working after 30GB then how can I use additional bandwidth?

Maybe it will NOT stop even after 30GB and the additional usage's cost will be deducted in next recharge? just like we take loans on our SIMs and the loan amount is deducted when we recharge.

after all its PTCL :)

have u ever noticed the same buttons pressed in PTCL and SUCK


Additional usage at Rs. 0.15/MB on prepay & Rs. 150/GB on postpay will be charged if you have balance in your account. The scenorio is that you have comsumed your given 30 GB data before expiry of your package respectively in prepiad and postpaid. You cannot enhane/ double your package validity till expiry. Package cannot be activated multiple time in one month. If you do not possess balance then you connection will be closed till recharged.