Confusion about Dual Sim Android Phones

Hello everyone,

I've two numbers.. One of them is Zong and the second one is of Ufone .. I use Zong mainly for its good call rates and high speed internet packages.. And ufone for mostly text messaging because Zong sometime takes too much time to deliver text messages..

So basically the problem is, I've heard that Android is not completely compatible with Dual Sims, and using two SIMS in Android causes problems and complications.

So should i consider buying a new mobile phone to use both sims or there is nothing to about using Dual Sims option and putting in both sims on my android mobile phone without any chance of incompatibility issues. The mobile phone I'm using is Huawei Honor 3C.

Android has got 0 problems with dual or even quad-sim phones. It could be that some particular phone model itself has problems/complications with dual-sim but not android.

^ yes..

android has excellent options for every action using dual sims and can even make one action permanent with each and every individual contact, for GPRS Sms and calls..

The multi-sim support in Android is pretty decent. Just previous i was using dual-sims on my A900 & there were no issues. Sometimes there were communication issues while calling someone, but i think that was network issue not phone issue. So you're pretty much good to go with multi-sim usage on Android.

With the arrival of WP8.1 OS update, even the Windows Phone platform supports dual-sims, though i can't tell you how well it works yet.