Confusion about DNS

Someone on this forum said "Do remember that DNS requests use port 53 by default, so OpenDNS use PTCL's DNS to reach OpenDNS's DNS."

is he right, if yes then how ??

No. OpenDNS doesn't use PTCL's DNS.

All web pages are located at port 80 - machines need to access this port to access any web page, and the access of one web page is NOT dependent on another, irrelevant and unrelated web page.

Likewise for DNS - you just need that "channel" to be open. That's all.

you only need to port forward port 53 when you are running dns yourself.

DNS is used to translate human friendly domain names like to computer readable IP addresses like

To that you need to provide your computer with the IP Address of a DNS server which it will query every time it wants to convert a domain name to an IP address.

Note that you enter the IP address of the DNS server into your computer. Not the domain name of the DNS server. Therefore there is no need to lookup anything when trying to access opendns' servers. The IP address of the DNS server is already known to the computer.

Try this:

go to start >run and enter cmd.exe

then type in nslookup

You should get a reply containing the IP address corresponding to domain name.



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