Configuring Tendu W311r+ with Witribe Wifi


I am trying to extend my wireless range of wi-tribe wifi modem (which is not enough to provide coverage to all floors). For this I purchased Tendu W311R+ (to be used as an extender) and a tendu W311U wireless USB adapter (to be used with a desktop PC and be able to connect wirelessly to witribe).

I tried connecting it and configure it but unfortunately, I couldn't get the tendu router to be configured and have the USB wireless dongle detect and connect to internet. Any help regarding configuration (IP address, DNS etc) will be appreciated.

I am also attaching a screenshot hoping it will explain better as to what I want.

Thank you!!

Link to img:

You have to configure your device in bridge mode. Search for device pdf manual and follow its instructions step by step.

I have the same question. May one please elaborate the solution more :s

I hve witribe wifi modem (red).