Conectd zxdsl 831 series wid TP Link 340G router but dun get speed nw?

i have tp link WR340G router,connected to dsl modem.

1. When I connect my modem wiredly to my computer, i get to have maximum browsing speed and the downloading speed.

2. But when i connect the modem to router, and the router to my computer(wiredly) i don't get to have the same browsing/downloading speed on my computer(as I get to have when the modem is directly connected to my computer wiredly)

please help,i want to have the same speed even if i connect a router to my desktop pc(wiredly)


To be able to have these accurate observations,i hadnt connected any laptop or any other computer to my router while i had connected my desktop pc wiredly to the router

There should be a problem in your new cable from modem to router or router to pc. secondly configure router not in ppoe setting but with dynamic ip setting, it is best then pppoe.

your modem should be on pppoe but router should be on dynamic setting.

Thankyou for sucha quick reply.. .

Yes i have made sure that the settings are just like you told me

my modem is set on PPoe

and my router to Dyanmic Ip

Secondly,about the wire going from my modem to the router. .

When I connect the same wire going from my modem directly to my pc, the speed is fantastic(just like it used to be) but when I connect the same wire from my modem to router. .

and then another wire from my router to desktop pc, the speed isnt the same

Thirdly,having the same connections anddd my desktop computer switched off, if I connect a laptop wirelessly to my router, the speed is the same slow one :/

please help me and help me out :/

i really dunu what to do :/

have you enabled security on your router?

may be someone else connecting with your router and eating up your bandwidth


i have enabled the security on my computer

and even when i enter in my address bar of internet explorer, the address which is basically of my router's ip

and when i goto see which computers are connected to my router, i only find name of my computer connected

i don't know what the problem is but i don't get much speed.

can you help me with it please ?

try to do hard reset to both(modem and router). then do setting again. andif your modem has more then 1 ethernets then use 1 lan for pc and other for router. and then set ip to modem and ip to router from lan option of your router.