Cone IceCream :)

Ok.. So one of my friend who lives in Islamabad wants to start a cone like ice cream service or something like that in summer season. So actually he wants machine which will make cone ice creams. So basically he has investment around 60k. All he need is a cone machine and then he will hire a guy and will start a business. I guess most of the guys nowadays are trying to do the same lol

Any ways he asked me and I don't know myself where and how much will be the cost of the machine so any body here has some knowledge as where he can get that machine and for how much or just wants to start a cone ice cream business. Jump inn :D

Goto the nearest market selling cone ice cream and ask the guy selling it.

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Goto the nearest market selling cone ice cream and ask the guy selling it.

A intelligent reply indeed

ask him to start a bakery, then I will share my recipes.

Before Purchasing a Machine....i think he needs A brand Name for his Ice Cream....!

^ Yeah, what about 420 Icecreams. :P

^lol cone icecram wala doesnt require a brand name to sell...didnt u see hundreds of cone icecream sellers in ur local market...

But i think A brand Name will differentiate him from those "Hundreds of Ice Cream Wala's"..!


keeping in mind the current situation of our country "khud kush cone icecream" will become a popular name to sell :P:D

Another great Brand Name would be "Yajooj Majooj Ice Cream" or in English "Gog and Magoog Ice Cream"

Then i think that Khudkush IceCream Brand will be post popular in Swat and Wazeerustan Areas Instead of Islamabad...!


lol dudes I was expecting some serious replies.:D

Anyways he canceled the program to start a lolipop ice cream


Sure you can share your reciped we will implent thme in cone ice cream :P

wot about MovenLICK?

Kool moveNlick ... Great ok so he need some. Anybody interested in investing in moveNlick :P

What kinda Market Strategy has your friend got in mind? The best of the best ideas can fail if not marketted properly.

Has he applied proper value-proposition to the product he wants to see? i.e. is it really gonna sell good in his area? Why would people buy his ice cream and why not from WALL's, Omore etc.?

Since he's gonna enter this market segment as a new entry, does he think he's well equipped to compete his competitors? To gain competitive advantage, does your friend's product has the following features to gain Competitive Advantage in his specific Competitive Environment:

- Differentiation (Does his product differ from other (slightly similar) products offered by his competitors?)

- Execution (Has he defined a proper way of carrying out his business process that are superior to the competitors to give him an advantage)

- Knowledge (Does he have any extra knowledge, anything like a recipe-secret that others don't have, so that his product is ultimately known to the consumers as a unique product that others can't imitate)

- Focus (Is he targetting a specific group of users? Like lolly-pop suckers or Cornetto-biters?)

In the end, I'd like to suggest a Company/product name that has a Tech touch since you're askin about this on a tech forum

Proposed Company names: NetCream Xtreme, Creamed Pakistan, Icydental Products, click&Lick,

Proposed Product names: IceCream2.0, CyberCone, ConeFected (infected sy..),

Proposed slogans, product tag lines: (I might get sued by the regular Thailey-Walaas, make sure you acquire proper rights before using these.

1- Ek baar aazmaayey, phir baar baar khaayiye

2- Ice Cream waly Dulhanya Le Jyengy

3- Ice Cream hamari Paisy tumhary

Some lines to stick on the ice cream machine

1- Kashmir Ki azaadi tak udhaar bandd hy

2- Udhaar Muhabbat ki Qeinchi hy

3- Udhaar ek eisa jaadu hy jisy krny k baad aap ghayab ho jyengy

4- Mufft ki ice cream khaany waly saathion se muazrat

Hope some of my proposed stuff helps you guys awt.

(sorry for roman urdu guys, havent got Urdu support installed on this pc)

Wow! Jin! the seem to have good business knowledge haan! why don't you start your own consultancy firm or something............I am ready to be a partner in this as well.....


Sure you can share your reciped we will implent thme in cone ice cream

Thank You yar...................some hope of getting money is seen.....

cone ice cream brings corneto in mind ...... bcz i m sure regular cone wali machine does not make frozen cone ice cream which could be placed and mobalized a troly..............

btw ..... I love Ice cream......... u start the business i'll try it :)

After successfully launching cone ice-cream, you can add french fries (that is common in Pakistan with small electric fryer) and then "chicken corn soup". You start adding more branches and eventually take over local "PM House" network. After that you can start adding fast food to your outlets. Open branches all over Pakistan. Soon you'll be taking over Pakistan's McDonald and KFC. After successful national take over, you can expand to Middle East. After firming foot there, Europe will be next target. With Far East and South Asia in pocket, you can eventually take over USA and Canada, at last South America.

Just after few years, kids in South America will be eating your Samosa and Cone Ice-Cream instead of tacos and nachos.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

^ LMAO, That was a good one wampyr! :D