Computer upgrades [kayawish24]

This thread is for kayawish24 and his computer upgrades. Also note that no one should post any kayawish bashing comments here about him showing-off or whatever. Such posts will be deleted. I created this thread to stop all that ridiculousness.


I just have got to explain about a review in contradiction with the information one currently gets from kayawish's threads

I hope it won't lead to any of hatred or favored comments. it can just help kayawish to present his stuff in really informative way.

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@all those who think it is a kind of informative or some thing like a review, what kayawish has posted till now.

I am sorry about it. In real, a REVIEW is very far away from it.

Receiving a package, Showing receipts, unpacking the product, starting the computer and presenting the screenshots with 2 Software Utilities.


Review is what? (may be a definition)

A deep study examining the products that gives a critical point of view.

and also it makes a great review when it takes place with comparing the products with older versions or with alternate solutions.

I didn't see any thing in his(kayawish's) posts. or any of his older stuff.

about the discussions between others and him, just shows the fact about evaluating new stuff what he actually doesn't use to do. he only spoke with some harsh words when he knew he couldn't answer the questions to any of us. and he asks any one to leave the thread who doesn't like the way he presents his stuff. That's not good because this is an open forum and he shouldn't take any thing serious of some unwanted comments as well as no one other should request the closure of the thread until there is no violation of forums.

there is really nothing personal or any thing like jealousy what he thinks about when some one gives him an unwanted comment. He doesn't answer to any one about technical things. I again say here, puting the values on the monitor is not any kind of productive information, we can get that all over the internet even with more detail than this.

I'll call it a waste of time and money as he buys these stuff every next day without using or even testing that all. and we talk here about these stuff more than he uses it.

I'd really appreciate kayawish when he will post next rig with a proper review.


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My little upgrade ... 3 x GTX 285´s ... i will buy GTX 485 soon





I was just thinking about where kayawish24 has been, and hola here he is back.

Couple of requests:

Hey send us pics of your current specs,

Could you send heat sigs on the middle GPU,

Whats the size of the fan in front of the gpus

Before we talk about how to upgrade a PC, we have to address whether or not it's cost effective to do so. I measure cost effectiveness two ways. One, can you simply buy a new or better used PC for the amount of money it will cost you to upgrade your current box. You can buy new PCs with XP starting at $100 and Windows 7 starting at $200. Two, will the upgrade really have a significant impact on the user experience.....

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More Comming sooOON !!!

umm..Which LCD are you using??

i am using 24" view sonic but soon i will buy 2 x 24"


What's the model number?

Is it this one

I have this one, but I dont like it as the contrast ratio is really bad and the colors arent sharp enough(Even with HDMI). Do you have similar issues. Are there any LCD monitors that can match LCD TVs


{{ My Last Upgrade for Year 2010 ★★★★★ 3 x GTX 480´s ★★★★★ 3 WAY SLi }}






As always impressive rig. Quick question, why havent you used a SSD as your primary drive, or 10000RPM HDD, wont that affect the performance of your rig??

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As always impressive rig. Quick question, why havent you used a SSD as your primary drive, or 10000RPM HDD, wont that affect the performance of your rig??

X2 why haven’t you used a SSD as your primary drive.

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i am using 24" view sonic but soon i will buy 2 x 24"

u mean two 24" LCDS ?

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Do you keep changing you Hardware each month ?

^ I guess only to beat someone in coupla benchmarks :P

nice stuff mate congrats :)