Computer Systems Engineering


I'm planning to do Computer Systems Engineering / Computer Engineering from UET. According to its course distribution, it has courses like Systems Programming, Digital Signal Processing, Microprocessor based System Design, Digital System Design etc.

Does this require a LOT of low level / assembly programming?

Secondly, what are the job prospects after graduation within Pakistan?

Would appreciate sensible replies specially form those already in the field.

You would probably only be using assembly for at most 2 or 3 courses. Unless you choose to take more elective courses with assembly in your final year.

Okay thanks..

Anybody else working in the field have any idea about the job prospects after four years?

i did my computer information system engineering from UET 5 years ago. the assembly was in one semester. Though you have to do the masters after 4 years if u want a good job. this engineering gives u lots of options for masters after 4 years. you can go with engineering management or on technical side aswell. telecom is hot these days. it was hot 5 years ago aswell. if u intend on communication networks then i suggest u do the cisco certifications aswell during the engineering or masters .it will give you an edge on other engineers.

Thank you furqan. I guess you did from Peshawar, because AFAIK, you are also from Peshawar?

For the telecom side, I've been hearing it is all saturated now. How true is that?

yes. i was in UET. We were the first batch of CISE in uet.

at the moment just concentrate on your engineering as they teach basics.after 3 years see the market trend and then decide accordingly.

I've got in.. but people are saying its not a good choice and there won't be any jobs in this field :S

Please shed some light.

brother. there will be no job if u don't study well regardless which track u are on.

yeah.. I know. And it indeed is a fact.. and I do believe in it.. that's why I've chosen it.. but just wanted to know the current state of new graduates, the demand etc.