Computer Shops in Karachi!

hi, i am about to buy new pc components to build my new pc. i normally shop from or but some products aren't in stock with both these and i had to find some other shop who can send products all over Pakistan. so i came across which had the products in stock that i needed. have any of u guys shopped from them and will it be safe if i do so? am from Peshawar so i will be sending them money through bank transfer !!

people i urgently need an answer. i am looking for a cooler master scout or haf 922 casing and its out of stock in all online shops. do any one knows a shop who deals in cooler master?

Try this thread:

have been through that thread, beside shophive, galaxy and czone, all shops r crap.

czone is good and I have heard people asy good things about them..

BTW why buy a big mid tower casing.. do you plan to install coolers for overclocking ?

no i aint planning on overclocking. just need a gud case for my new build. all of a sudden the casing r out of stock every where. checked in lahore, couldn't find any gud case, now a friend will be checking in karachi uni center and techno city today so hope he finds one of the cooler masters i want, either scout or haf 922. will be buying couple of products from czone next day as u said they r okay to shop from. following will be my pc specs;

Core i7 930

Asus P6T

OCZ 12GB DDR 1600Mhz


W.D 1Tb Sata 6Gb/s

XFX HD 5770

Corsair TX750W

Yeah its Safe to Buy things from Czone. They are one the Best n Reliable Seller Here in Karachi..!

alright, these Pakistani shops should get better online systems. they dont even reply to emails. hope some day i will open up an awesome online shop in Pakistan, one of my future goals. we Pakistani's deserve better services and products.

Yes we do :)

Czone is too expensive. There are other shops right next to it which have lower prices. There are also some shops opposite baithul-mukarram mosque on university road which have reasonable prices.

well according to wat i have checked so far, czone is the cheapest but i have no idea of offline shops in karachi. can u give me some shop locations in karachi who might have cooler master casings. wont it be available at unit center or techno city ?

so my friend couldn't find it at uni center and techno city, any other place in karachi for computers where i might find this damn case.

for laptops try us. :)