Computer not showing anything on screen

yesterday i shut down my pc whit power on/off button and i hold it push for about 5 seconds for faster shutdown now my pc powering up all fans and led lights turning on but on monitor screen there is not coming up anything not even mobo logo and beep tone too ....

what could be the problem ? Power supply or mobo plz help me i know only you people can help me in this matter

1. Check the cables of power cable of monitor/lcd. May be they are not properly connected.

2. You may also reseat cards, rams, cables and hard disk. (probably reseating the graphics card will do the trick)

3. You can also check either your computer is working with other monitors or not.

4. Let me think again. :P

5. Thanks for rep

6. I've performered all the steps you told above please think again and tell me about it

what you think should i change mobo

Your RAM(s) busted

i think it is power supply fault lets see after replacment

Considering your monitor/PC is working fine and there's no fault in any of the component then... first

If have any other monitor, check if your PC is displaying with that other monitor. if it does then there's something wrong with your monitor. if it doesn't display, then unplug you PC/monitor from power sockets. open the PC case, take out the battery (cell) which should be located somewhere on the mobo. now turn on the PC/monitor without the cell (hopefully it should give you display now) and go to BIOS and change the VGA settings according your on broad card or discrete by either selecting integrated or PCIe slot (which was the source of the display before the problem), insert the cell back in the slot in the mobo (make sure to not electrocute yourself cause you might be too cute for that in you parents eyes. so un-ground/shield yourself :D ). save the new configs by hitting f10 or whatever your mobo alows and restart.

I hope it works

InshaALLAH If today Bijli returns back i'll take steps mentioned by you Faisal

thanxs for your kind rep

remove all rams if ur pc beeps than ur power supply is ok,, and so is ur mobo and also all cards etc are ok,, then try one ram at a time in all slots ,, to verify all slots are ok and all ram modules are ok,,

also remove the power connector from ur supply and the power connector on mb,, for 5 minutes,,

in these cases i try bare bone pc startup with just one ram module and bare mb,, no card in pc, and proceed with one components at a time..