COMPUTER GEEK?!WEBSITES which help in becoming computer geek!

hello,all members share their very best computer related websites which will help any one out in becoming a TRUE COMPUTER GEEK while staying at home..

Take my example..I have recently been into this computer stuff and I got very much intersted in SOFTWARE and HARDWARE related things and other computer expertise(internet,virus removal etc)..

I have vacations so I want to get into more computer because I think I have become addicted to computer and internet..

So you all members share the informative computer websites which will enable me to become a COMPUTER GEEK....????

I have done no prior computer course.However I have learned C language in my engineering course!!!!:|

Well here are some in my Google Reader subscription :P

* [also many other sites in the Gawker media network]




Check these out!

and ftw!

there are many other that i follow


and few good have been mentioned by wzub

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Why page 2 specifically? :o

well....all members should share...

I have gone through some of them..

interesting enough really...

inshallah going through the rest too..

waisay what I found useful regarding the usefull solutions are

if ur into video podcasts about technology then check out

Some of my favs:

And some hardware related:

another good site is

well if u wana know ins and outs of computer hardware then www.hardwaresecrets.comis a very gud 1

I also recommend which is a very successful site owned by a fellow Pakistani. I also suggest for learning about latest hardware news. Its an alternative to anandtech.

EDIT: I'd also like to mention for learning about the basics of computers. It will really help you make sense of the long-winded anandtech CPU reviews if you understand terms like "out of order processing".



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Why page 2 specifically? :o


i just copied the links from my bookmarks and when i bookmarked it i accidentally bookmarked the second page


share the sites for different computer tactics which will enable in manual removal of viruses and trojans etcetra...

^ people @ teach/tell you how to do that yourself or something like that.

try to learn to EFFECTIVELY USE these two and you're a computer geek (+alot more) already ;)


would u take the fatigue of telling the EFFECTIVE USE of these sites!!??