Complimenting Cellular Providers - Best Combo?

I was wondering if anybody has done any objective analysis of various providers in Pakistan in terms of using them in a dual sim scenario to maximize coverage. Which two providers compliment each other best?

I currently have Telenor Sim and wanted to use another sim but wanted to base my decision purely on coverage as I travel a lot. Any ideas would be appreciated.

I would think that the coverage area of operators would vary widely from one to the other in rural/isolated areas. Only way to know for sure is to ask someone who lives and uses cellular services in the area of interest.

Telenor with Mobilink (specially if you visit rural areas)

Telenor with Ufone

will work best.

Personally when i was using Dual-SIM setup on my old QMobile phones, i used to use my primary Zong SIM along with a Telenor SIM. Perhaps you can do the same.

BTW, when you use Dual-SIMs, the SIMS are working individually, they are not interfering or complimenting one another. You can use any SIM with any other SIM without any worries about compatibility issues or whatever. The Secondary SIM you choose should give you some benefit of it's own. For example currently you're using Telenor, if you pair it with a ZONG or Warid SIM, you'll gain the advantage of LTE support.

Hope i helped.

I am using Telenor with Zong too. It's a good deal since I get both 3G & 4G option and coverage/packages covers almost everything.

@upsilon, you probably have better zong services in karachi.. here in lahore and its associated areas, telenor 3g wingle type device works better than zong, so does warid 4g, in areas where 4g is covered..

Reporting from north .. Zong coverage in areas from haripur to manshera is excellent .. in Abbottabad city its top notch.Zong service in Nathiagali and surroundings is solid .. Same goes for areas in thandiani ... 3G popsup too.Mobilink on the other hand is weak in galiyat section.

@farhan_ds Yes indeed. Zong works great in Karachi, everything from browsing to downloading & streaming works smooth. Whenever I've done a Speedtest, It gets around 10mbps. I'm talking about 3G of course, because my G2 doesn't support the required band to run LTE, but i really don't care as I'm rather satisfied with 3G itself.

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@farhan_ds Yes indeed. Zong works great in Karachi, everything from browsing to downloading & streaming works smooth. Whenever I’ve done a Speedtest, It gets around 10mbps. I’m talking about 3G of course, because my G2 doesn’t support the required band to run LTE, but i really don’t care as I’m rather satisfied with 3G itself.


speak for yourself… i am in gulshan area, and when i am on ground floor at home i receive 1 to 2 signal bars, and 4-5 at top floor.

if you visit sharah-e-faisal nursery side (karachi), you will see the signals of zong and telenor fluctuates a lot. also it happens in zamzama commercial lane defence phase 6.

the conclusion is you can’t say if the network work best for you it is working best for everyone in every part of the city, as most of us spend most time of day in office or at our home.

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speak for yourself…


I did in fact ‘speak for myself’.

But just to further clarify my statement, my experience with ZONG has been pretty good as far as network & connectivity is concerned. I’ve tried in all “general” areas of Karachi, and never had much of an issue.

Peace out!

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Upsilon did win the war though :P


you are absolutely right.. Warid 4G coverage is a hit and miss too.. in main areas of lahore it is fantastic.. upto 10Mb easily.. but go away towards Garhi shahu and shadbagh side and it will disappear,, even Edge will stop working.. it works fine in the opposite corner of the city, Bahria town etc..

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^^^ why is "katti pari" relevant?

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^^^ why is “katti pari” relevant?


For the same reason This is relevant:

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More abadi more problems in service less abadi less problems, according to my experience towers in rich housing societies and in military cantonments provide much better service compare to our populated places

^ Exactly..

also densely populated areas have less places to install towers, so less coverage area as well..

@Mr Kamran, I am in Gulshan too and I consistently a good speed from Zong and the signals never drop. The lower I get is 6Mbps and the higher is 11Mbps. I have checked it multiple times and the tests are the same.

On Shahrah-e-Faisal, it used to drop to around 3Mbps to 5Mbps which still works fine. Telenor is strong on Shahrah-e-Faisal and a little weak in Gulshan.

I get around 3Mbps to 6Mbps here in Gulshan and above 6Mbps in Shahrah-e-Faisal.

^^^ like i said the results always varies in different situation and different places.

@armada...... agreed with you brother.

Depends on your location and what works for you. I use Mobilink as my primary number and Zong 4G Data Sim for data.