Complaint to PTA Pending

On 12th March, I lodged a complaint to PTA against PTCL. On 14th I rec e-mail from PTA with a complaint no and due date of 17th. on PTA website my complaint status was "in progress". from 14th to 17th nobody from PTCL contact me. I sent an e-mail on 17th again to PTA. Now complaimt status is "pending". what does it mean, PENDING


it means processing.

Your complaint is pending." that means your complaint is delivering or processing.

[em]آپ کی شکایت زیر غور ہے[/em]

well u will see the pending regarding your complaint untill it gets solved. so now its up to ptcl to respond to pta complaint made by u... and u see when u get ur problem rectify and then ptcl gonna confirm pta about ur problem being solved then u will see issue resolved instead of pending.. same was with me..when i confirm ptcl guys that problem no more then i see @ pta my problem i get status issue resolved.. but what issue u r having ?

disconnections are alot. need to change the pair. but my exchange doesn't want to do it. u know why because everybody needs $$$$

PTA is no longer useful now

Don't rely on PTA for solving your problems. All these Govt bodies are for the benefits of corporations not for public. We are still living in old times i.e. paying couple of hundreds fr getting anyhing done which is our right. :(

Better get hold of lineman, befriend with him, pay him 200 rupees and be happy.