Comparison of two motherboards need help

I have to select one motherboard out of these two but since i didn't know much about hardware so please help me which one should i choose.

motherboard 1:- Intel 865Gkd {IBM THINK CENTER}(

motherboard 2:- Asus via P4v533mx


plz tell me which one is better .. AND ALSO WHERE TO GET DRIVERS OF INTEL865GKD

tonnes of thanks

go with Intel 865G. you can get drivers on website.

asus....... Intel is not for us... it has many issues which r disscussed in ohter thread but an asus board with intel chip is very good.... but the board u mention ov asus iz not gud... go 4 an asus or anyother gud company with intel or Nvidia chip.....

if you have two choose only these two you mentioned go with intel, i am guessing either you are gonna use it with p4 processor or celeron D (thats the highest it can go). Intel supports their products for long time you can get driver from their website as "Dark Lord" mentioned.

tonnes of thanks for your assistance