@Compaq/HP Laptop Repair facility in Karachi?

I have a Compaq V3000z laptop which is dead now.. I suspect power fluctuation as being behind it... however, I would like some reliable (and hopefully cheap) repair facility, which would not f**** up my laptop and would bring it back to life without costing me an arm and a leg!

Try calling Mushko....they have fixed my laptop in the past and have done a fine job...though a bit on the higher side. 111-701-701

Mushko is good. They are HP authorized and you can be sure that any replaced parts are genuine.

They charge even if the problem is not resolved.. and they say if the part is not available (which most HP dealers have told me about my specific model of laptop) then it would have to be 'imported' from USA via courier... which would cost an equivalent of a cheap new laptop! (probably Acer!)

P.s. Has anyone tried the Laptop walay in TechnoCity? I heard they are cheap and effective..