Combine bandwidth of multiple internet connections in merely a second without any $$


More than one internet connections

Network adapters (Lan, wifi etc) according to the number of connections installed on/connected to motherboard at the same time

Windows 7 machine

common sense


Each modem has its address on network which becomes default gateway for your internet connection. I assume you will be trying using multiple DSL connections.

In each 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.....nth modem, you need to change its on-LAN address.

This is what i did

modem#1 as usual (no change made)

modem#2 address changed from

modem#3 address changed from




modem#n address changed to 192.168.n.1

To each network adapter, do this:

Open device's properties.

Go to TCP IP settings

Go to advanced area

You will see that automatic metric is checked. Uncheck it and assign matric number "1" manually. Then APPLY/OK to implement the changed.

Once the change is do to all adapter, reboot computer.

Connect each network adapter with a separate/distinct internet connection (DSL modem in my case)

Start a torrent download. The download will be using bandwidth of all connections to which the given computer is connected.

Tested, working, tastes good. Make sure you are downloading a well seeded torrent.

The method will not make any difference to internet browsing or http downloads. So do not bother waste your time and brain. In the case of torrents, multiple peers establish multiple connections. These connections are distributed among the engaged internet connections provided to the given computer. Hence combined speed effect.

nice taste

Seems, interesting.. Gonna to test this soon..

Awesome input~~ I was skeptical as to it won't work. But then in the end you did mention that it can't work from browsing.

Good job dude!!