CMOS battery mother board

cmos battery on my motherboard is dead is there any vulnerability other then the date and time changing back to 2005...

When BIOS will sense that data is corrupted, it will use some default values like default date/time, boot order and many other things.

Better change your battery, it is not expensive.

like Ijaz said, it is better to change the battery. It costs only 25~50rs.

No permanent damage, BIOS will switch to default values, the date and time will be off, but other than that no issues. But the battery is quite cheap so just replace it otherwise you'll end up changing time and date every time you boot

thanks alot will change it :)

changed the battery today ....

Maxell CR 2025

I have also a problem with CMOS battery. Battery finished in very short time, only in 1 or 2 month. When battary finished, after every boot message comes "New CPU install" or "Set date/Time". When i replaced the finished battary with new one, everything work fine. I think, i have to buy a big bundle of battaries. :( or someone has a solution for this problem :D

the battery which maintain the date and time is curpted in my computer, now i want to change it, how i can do it can some on have suggestion for it

Just go and get the battery changed, there is nothing else as to what you can do regarding it....