Click Click Dead?

My 1 year old 300 GB WD hard drive clicked away into it's little hard drive heaven last night.

That a bit strange isn't it ? I've never had a hard drive die on me, I recently took out the hard drive out of my old 486 cpu which was sitting outside in the rain and sun for 3 years. It ran without any bad sectors or errors.

This drive was new, never dropped or damaged. Suddenly started clicking and next morning my computer and Vista refused to recognize that it was installed in the system.

Can it be fixed or at least run once or twice so that I can take my data off it ? The drive has a manufacturing date of 07 Sept 2006. I lost the recipt though, any ideas to warranty coverage of WD in Pakistan ?

Unless you had the data backed up, it might be unrecoverable I'm afraid.

Anyways, googled and found this PDF entitled: 200 ways to revive a hard drive

I hope you get your data back.

Thanks Specter, I read the pdf. Since most of the people suggested that I freeze it for a while and then try, I did. Still dead. All I hear is the click click sound, the motherboard doesn't recognize it neither does vista.

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Thanks Specter, I read the pdf. Since most of the people suggested that I freeze it for a while and then try, I did. Still dead. All I hear is the click click sound, the motherboard doesn’t recognize it neither does vista.

If so, take it to a data recovery company if the data is really important. That’s your last bet I guess.

that click click once happened with me too .. but luckily my hdd was under warranty and I got it changed ....

btw mine was 250 GB WD

wow! two drives got crashed and both western digital. caution people.

yes i feel the quality of western digital hard rives is not good

Seagate and WD are pretty much equivalent. It's just a matter of luck. Just read up on reviews to ensure there is no technical problem. Opt for HDD having a lesser number of platters for less heat and vibration (if any).

WD & Segate used to be equivalent, infact I always preferred WD to Segate but since the past couple of years WD's cutting corners. A lot of their products are made in Thailand and not really upto the past WD standards. Even my drive that crashed was made in Thailand.

I read some into it and it seems HD's dieing is not a rare thing for Western Digital hard drives. Their failure rates have gone up so much after 13 to 16 months that they have reduced the warranty period to 12 months to reduce RMA's. Apparently my disk crash was a textbook case.

I hope the main 150 GB Raptor I have works fine, that cost me a lot of money and I'd be pretty pissed if that died.

Try Spinrite, I've heard it can work for soft errors. It's $89, BTW.

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Try Spinrite, I’ve heard it can work for soft errors. It’s $89, BTW.

or u can get it for free if u get it from torrents =D

or take the harddisk to some local computer repair guy

once i copied all my data to my younger brother's pc and i deleted the partitions from my pc and my brother's also deleted the data from that pc and i was lyke WTF, i took my computer to a computer repair shop and he recovered all my partitions (4 of them)

i know this is a diff problem but you can try

I had it checked, it's dead as in really dead :lol:

Bought a 500 GB Segate today. It has a 32MB cache, anyone has any idea if they'll be any performance difference compared to a drive with a 16 MB cache ?

^ 32 MB cache? Already? I thought 500GB HDDs had 16MB...

check these links:

Round Up: no significant difference

how much did that hdd cost you i am also thinking to get an hdd

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^ 32 MB cache? Already? I thought 500GB HDDs had 16MB…

500 gb have it check the chart on this site:

@Asad Almost all 500 GB HD's are still 16MB. A few 32 MB models have started trickling into the market.

@Saad. Thanks for the links, were useful. I paid Rs. 7300 for it. The 16MB model was Rs. 400 cheaper. I thought what the hell.

Here's a good comparison between the both the drives I have in my system. A 150 GB Raptor and the new 500 GB Segate.

Impressive performance considering, the Raptor is six times as expensive per GB.

Simple math works it out to Rs. 14000/150 GB = Approx Rs. 93 / GB and the Seagate @ Rs.7300/500GB = 14.6 / GB

^ Yeah, that's what I thought. I got a WD 500GB 16 MB cache HDD for Rs.6600 (IIRC) a couple weeks back.

i had the "click click" problem too with my samsung drive. all i did was to connect it to a different sata connector on the motherboard.