Circuit Breaker

Which circuit breaker do you guys think is good and why. I checked local market there are lot of brands which make me confuse. Looking for your valuable comments.

in local market all circuit are made in china .................. so don,t think about brands just go and buy ............

What about the quality?

Hagger Company k achay hotay hain as compared with others . likha to hota hai made in germany :) but ALLAH knows where is THIS Germany.

Let me check the local market again. Any other comments

Hager (France) if you can get the geniuine thing

Where from Lahore?

In Karachi you can get it from BhoraPir, Gizri, Boltan Market , no idea for Lahore

Hager are local made.. not Germany made.. if you can find original then they will be made in pakistan under license from germany

Mitsubishi breakers are very good, provided you find one.. they are the ones to be used with the Mitsubishi Split ac,so they are good.

there used to be an excellent breaker made in france,.. LeGrande..but now it is being made in turkey which is still acceptable ...and local copies are made everywhere. to be avoided... if you go and ask for original france with gaurantee of being original, most shopkeepers will make excuse and not sell to you... when you do find original, it is by far one of the best one.

to buy one 2 piece, any electrical shop in lahore. many shops on multan road near Benz factory and kharak nala.

to buy in bulk, shahalami,, or branderith road near station.

Have been using Hager for more than 5 years, its pretty consistent. But when it will be done, I will go for terasaki, the best C.B I know. So go for Terasaki... Companies like siemens and kesc are also using them btw :P

I visited local market yesterday. There are all Chinese craps. Whether it's Hager, Legrand, Mitsubishi, some shopkeeper says these are original and some don't. One of the shopkeeper told me than all these are came from china and after that it is stamp in patti lohari so that's why these are not emboss on these breaker. There is also Terasaki, who knows it is made in Japan or china. So i think it is better to go for unkown brand of chinese rather than copy of original one.

you can get this from beden road Lahore .................

embossed legrande and hager are available if you search fro them hard enough..

in case you want an easy shortcut, of all the chinese crap, instead go for the locally made Bosch ones.. they are very good for their price. and have 1-2 years waranty or maybe 5, not sure. and they work well.

Local Bosch are much better than chinese.

also mitsubishi original can be had from specific markets as i said above which come with their Mitsubishi split AC.

Original Legrande > Original Hager > Bosch :> mitsubishi > Legrande copy >>>>> chinese cheap one

Hager is the best . Hope that the photos below help.


Breaker id can be verified at hager website

i am using a cheap chinese copy for my 1.5 horsepower motor and its still ok .. even though the motor has been sarrrrarad two times . but rewounded .. (yani 2 bar sarr bhi gai ha motar ) but breaker is awesome as of now .. no issue ..

i dont know if the motor saring and the breaker not becoming faulty is an indicaiton of good breaker or bad .. but at least when the motor was burned the breaker wont let me turn it on .. it would always trip ..

motor rewinding walaz said that the breaker is ok and is doing its job .. and its pretty normal ... as the breaker only kicks in when enough current is drawn..

also my neighbours and others are using terasaki since ages like 10 years no issue so far ..

and i have been using the cheapo chinese one since last 4 years

Can you guys help buying a circuit breaker that cuts the supply,
when someone gets shock
or in event of short circuit.

Please suggest brand and correct model, because there are many standard breakers available and those simply dont work.

You would need something like a GFCI (Link 2) augmented with short circuit protection.