Chinese Tablets ? epad , Iped etc?

Hey guys

Any 1 of u have experienced chinese Ipeds , epad etc

THey come with Android and are available under 100$?

From pix they look ok. I know you cant compare them with any Branded in EITHER way but good for lectures or reading documents etc?

Any suggestions ?

yah anybody , i am also looking for these kind of gadgets :)

Are they available in the local market?

I thought they might be. I have seen them on chinese websites like dhgate etc !!!

If want buy one. Try to get Android Based Tablet. You will get lots of application for that.

Yeah all of them are android based

Android based ones might be useful for the price, but like Chinese iphones they're likely to have horrible screen quality with low resolution. And probably a resistive touch screen instead of a capacitive one.

If you see the screen shots. they are not looking too bad in this price range

Check out the video.

This is the model on dhgate

Overall ratting is pretty bad. Quoting a top comment on the video.

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slow, unresponsive, the app market has not many apps for some reason, touch screen is baaadd and just generally laggy. dont waste your cash. I did and I'm only 14, all of my christmas money down the drain :(


Keep in mind punk that branded Android Based Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab Cost around Rs.60000/-. So it is not bad if you have Android Based Tablet for Just $100.

And don't worry about eBooks and Lecture videos, because if it is really a Android Table. You will get lots of applications for that.

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Are they available in the local market?

I recently received an email from some online marketting (more precisely Spamming) which says a local company is offering these tablets for around 11,500 - 14,000.

This is just for information purpose. I am not related to them in any way…

EDIT: I suspect these two models offered are very old versions of Android, and you will not be able to upgrade them

Can any one in Karachi please contact them and possibly make a visit to provide more information to WP ?

Yes, At 100$ you dont have any thing to loose !

Never go with the chinese...

even girl ?

Hey Guyz..

Any budy have experienced this site???

as they offer very attractive prices for laptops, LCD TVs & Sound systems.

the prices are very cheap compare to the market... I am not sure the products they offering are original ....

Yp even girls....