Chinese LED TV from Hall Road Lahore

Hi there,

I am not sure in which category to place this thread so putting it in general category. I want to buy a 40" non-smart LED TV and price of branded chinese units is around 38k - 45k and top brands are above 50k.
Same size unbranded chinese TVs from China Center Hall Road are available in 20k range.

Has someone experienced using these TVs and how good they run. I know main thing is panel while power board and universal board are disposable things so is there any difference in branded and these unbranded tvs?


Yes, I purchased this TV from Goto Online Shopping 2 years ago. And it is working awesome as I purchased this TV.

Thanks for your reply. I will keep this in mind but still looking for more reviews specially if someone bought from hall road.
I have heard there are also 2 type of varieties in chinese unbranded TVs so lets see what more info I can get from this forum.


Beware of fakes and low quality TVs. Best to buy branded (even if Chinese branded) from authorized shops for peace of mind and warranty.

Thanks for reply Asad bhai, Yes its hard for a common man to distinguish low quality fakes that is why i am a bit reluctant to buy these. I have also visited authorized dealers of ecostar and TCL. Till now TCL seems better than eco start while their remote seems of low quality while eco star has a lot sturdy remote control which can take lot of beating.
So might decided between these 2 brands as sony, samsung, lg etc are insanely overpriced.

Check out their facebook pages/websites for deals. Further, Metro and Carrefour might also have sales/deals ongoing or in near future. Daraz is also an option (Daraz Mall official vendors only)because they also have sales and discount deals.

Good option. I have also visited hyperstar but found no attractive deals. Will keep checking metro and their official pages.
Any specific model suggestion? Main priority is minimum 1080p with good sound and picture quality. 4k seems costly at this time and I don’t think we have 4k media available in pakistan in abundance except my kid can play ps4 games on it :smiley:

Yesterday came across this smart LED from TCL which is in good budget with good features…
Planning to buy it in coming week. Please suggest if its a good choice.

TCL is a well known and good brand, I am using a 50" (Non-smart) LED TV from TCL for about more than 5 years. Not a single issue so far.

Agree, and I am specially interested in this model as it has HDR, micro dimming and dolby features which I am unable to find in any other non-smart LED tv… else I would have bought simple tv and android box separately.

Can any one tell me best LED 32 inch TV in price range of 50,000?

You can have lots of options from top brands in this price range for 32" as normally 32" prices start from 25000

please tell me the price of Chinese LED TV?

I bought 40 inch for 21000 from hall road market. Great video result and running good