China Android Phones

So has anyone tried any of these phones

If not these or any other, how do feel about them?

I asked a guy in the market and he said that the sets were great but people couldnt understand the complex setup and hence it is branded as a failure here.

If you have tried these sets:

-Are the screens great

-Do games run well

-How are the battery life

-Is it upgradable (the chinese tables are fully upgradable)

These Star Plus mobiles apparently have very tiny lil displays.

no they are not

@ deffury, they should be good as the only drawback in china phones was their OS, but now with the power of Android they are super cool :P

Asked a shop keper recently about the ChiAndPhones and he said that China Phones generally dont have good battry... is that correct or are they just scaring us

It is true. The China iPhones are sold with two batteries in the box, cuz they know the batteries are crap.

^Do all of Chinese phones have this or is it an exp o only one china set?

Phone available:

Its Rview

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Phone available:

Its Rview


any personal review pleas?

Well china phone is not good choice to invest money.If your budget is low than you can buy them.i want to tell you that Android smartphone will require more battery power while using 3G and other services.If battery is not good than you can not say the phone smartphone.I saw the chines handset good copy of HTC.

Hey bro except Huwaei and ZTE all other chinese phones are crap, i have used Huwaei IDEOS and ZTE Blade both phones are best bang for the bucks, specialy ZTE Blade ( cpu 800mhz, gpu andreo 200, 512mb ram, 800x480 capative touch screen) it is gud for gaming and multimedia playback but it is not availble in Pakistan, i have imported it from uk for 120pounds.

If u can find zte blade its best in chinese and stay away from others as they are pure crap.

I think Huwaei and ZTE are pretty old companies who actually have a big name to keep as they do manufacture some pretty heavy duty telecommunication stuff overseas.....