Check your Windows boot time

1. Open Notepad and copy everything in the code box below and paste it in Notepad.

Option Explicit

On Error Resume Next

Dim Wsh, Time1, Time2, Result, PathFile, MsgResult, MsgA, AppName, KeyA, KeyB, TimeDiff

MsgA = “Please close all running applications and click on OK.”

KeyA = “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RestartTime”

KeyB = “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\RestartTime”

AppName = “[] Reboot Time”

Set Wsh = CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)

PathFile = “”"" & WScript.ScriptFullName & “”""

Result = wsh.RegRead(KeyA & “Times”)

if Result = “” then

MsgResult = Msgbox (MsgA, vbOKCancel, AppName)

If MsgResult = vbcancel then WScript.Quit

Wsh.RegWrite KeyA & “Times”, left(Time,8), “REG_SZ”

Wsh.RegWrite KeyB, PathFile, “REG_SZ”

Wsh.Run “cmd /c Shutdown -r -t 00”, false, 0


Wsh.RegDelete KeyA & “Times”

Wsh.RegDelete KeyA

Wsh.RegDelete KeyB

TimeDiff = DateDiff(“s”,Result,left(Time,8))

MsgBox “Your computer reboots in " & TimeDiff & " seconds”, VbInformation, AppName

end if


2 Save the file as reboot.vbs on anywhere, your desktop for example. You can choose to save the file as any name you want, just make sure the file ends with a .vbs extension.

3. Double click on the script file you saved.

4. Close all the running applications and click the OK button in the dialog box.

5. The computer will reboot and when Windows load, a dialog box will open displaying the time your computer took to reboot.

mine was 75 seconds :P whats yours?

mine took 70 sec. i am using xp with pentium 4 2.2g Ghz

until now i am the winner.



have to click on username to logon.

may be this user login takes time.

124 seconds.

1.86Ghz Dual Core (laptop). I think it's because I've been using the same installation of Windows Vista for 2.5 years, want to reinstall it but have to back up all my data before I can do that.

39 seconds.

3Ghz Dual Core (desktop) Windows 7 clean install:

Looks like I'm the winner and the loser.

100s here with windows 7 nd AMD athlon X2 .. 100s is too much I reckon It feels less than a min to me in real. I think it counts the shutting down time aswell?

this is reboot time, not boot time. but boot means everything finish loading from the time you push the ON button, and this script display the dialog box before everything finish loading, so there a some "minus time". but since the script start before your computer shutdown and take some times to close/stop everything, that is the "plus time". so roughly you can take its words

70 Sec

Windows 7 and lots of Junkware installed. :)

but i recommend you guys for to get accurate results use your stop watch in mobile :P

^LOL! then what's the use of the above script :P

@armada, just noticed you are from جمہوریہ پاکستان now :), Did you mind my joke about "Dinga" ?

no i didn't mind :P

btw congrats for being lifer

Thanks! read my comment here :)


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I took the lead. My computer is too messed up with software. But good thing is, I use tuneUp utilities to keep my system tuned all the time.

i am back :lol:



V less than a minute WOW how do you do this?

42 sec :cool:


Could you guys mention the


-time since last reinstall of OS


along with the test results?

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42 sec :cool:


Winner :thumbs up: