Cheating by AliExpress sellers

Just a caution to fellow WP members: in the past three months, I noticed that many (around 40%) AliExpress sellers have started cheating customers. I have received Set Top Box with processor only 1.5GHz instead of listed 2GHz, lithium and alkaline button batteries all leaking/dead, LED bulbs listed as 5 watts only being 2 watts, etc. Even on repeat orders (observed in several cases), the item sent in the second order is of much lower quality than the same item sent in the first order. Earlier the problems used to be non-delivery or loss in mail, but now the incidence of fraud by sellers is the main problem. Even if you get a full refund, you lose money (4-7%) due to difference between US$ buying and selling rates charged by local banks.

Have you also experienced similar issues?

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Not really in my case but you always have refund options 2ndly you can give 1 star feedback which indeed going to hurt badly to seller , normally sellers dont let there reputation decreased at any cost.

You can report it and demand for an exchange

Yes, you can get refund as mentioned in my original post but you will lose 4-7% as FX conversion difference and card fees, plus also lose 2-3 months between order and refund processing. Vendors have also learnt to drop item and relist it, which removes all feedback including negative reviews as it becomes a new item. The only impact of negative feedback is on the vendor’s overall rating, but this gets diluted by averaging with other items the vendor sells. So overall, the biggest loser is the buyer.

My experience is Good
no Problem.i shop around worth of 1 lac and never experience any trouble

I am late to this discussion

I am a frequent buyer at Aliexpress mostly small items under $50 with an average of 5 orders per month in this year

And yes sometimes you get unlucky with items but that’s a drawback of online purchasing in general and the condition of Pakistani online sites is even worst

However still the wide range of products availability force you to keep gambling