Cheaper way to get crossfire tech(to run 2 pcix cards on mobofor games

so i have been saving up for a mobo which has good sli or crossfire capability so that i could get 2 pci express cards for gaming,,while researching the tech i came across this

seems like u just need a AMD 780 Chipset mobo with integrated graphics and a discrete ATI Radeon™ HD 3000 Series card and boom, u can set up hybrid Crossfire (?) system with a simple check of a box, no internal physical links to set up. What the tech does is uses your mobo onboard graphics with your (only 1 pci express) card as a dual card system to get better performance. Now i have read that ASUS EAH3450/HTP/512M Radeon HD 3450 512MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI for about 3500 rs can be setup this way and will play crysis on full settings..what do u think

jack,juggar ka badshah

Sounds pretty interesting.. But i guess one would need atleast a quadcore cpu to get something out this config, other wise the cpu hit for using an onboard vga would take the sting out of an ordinary x2 or an Athlon

u can actually put this in your amd system,,mobo needs to be the right one,

nvidia working on similar technology,, dual core or core 2 duo is enough to gain benefits,,main benefits of tech will be for laptops,

this card can also be used for this

read some of the reviews of people who r using this tech

is Hybird SLI Required any Specific Motherboard ? :o


amd mobo with 780g chipset, nvidia will come out with their mobo for it soon,

isnt the 780g for amd processors only ?

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isnt the 780g for amd processors only ?

Yes it is !! :confused:

nvidia is introducing hybrid sli technolgy, they should work with intel processors, see the idea is again to put 2 slow gpu's together to make one fast gpu, onw gpu on the motherboard, another cheap 3000 to 4000 rs video card for sli

information is already up on nvidia's website

this technology is awesome, becaus eeveryone knows that if u buy acheap 4000 rs video card it will not play all the new games in high settings, well in this way it can..

and on anandtech

oh and by the way asus has released the first hybrid sli motherboard