Chat Room - Live Radio - General Discussion Forum At Speak.PK

Dear members,

I've finally completed my website and it's working smoothly now, all features added. You can check it :

You can listen to Live Radio .. I'm also looking for some RJ's. If you are interested then please PM me so i can discuss it with you..

There's also a chat room and general discussion forum for members. (Currently, the chat room requires no registration.)

So please give your suggestions for promoting the website and feel free to give comments on it, all your comments and suggestions will be very much appreciated.

tum ne bhi mairi tarhan website wala username bana kar promotion suru kar di website ki :D

You made your account to promote your website? Only you did. I've used this username because it looks good. Not for the only purpose of promoting. And secondly you're going off topic. Back on topic, comment on Speak.PK and give your suggestions :)

Reminds me of old irc times...

Radio is down btw.

Chat (client) is old - flash? ew!. Do some HTML5.

If you are interested in building (from scratch) HTML5 chat (using websockets e.g.) ping me. I have been building something on the side..