Charging a Car battery

I have a Suzuki Mehran. I want to know if its battery is 6v or 12v. Can't take it out and check because the terminal are connected very hard almost soldered.

If it is a 12v battery, can I charge it with my 500 W UPS? My concern is that it may cause damage to the battery because a 500 W UPS may provide too much current.

Also if I can charge it do I need to take the battery out (disconnect it from the car) or just charge it while it is connected.


Car batteries are 12V. Yes, you can charge it with a UPS or a separate supply.

Terminals are almost soldered? I hope they are not corroded, if they are you better clean the terminals as well as the connectors after removing the battery. It's best to remove the battery if you are going to charge.

Its a 12 v battery n charging car battery by ups is nt reccomended by auto electritions its shorten ur battery life as i charge 1 wid ups n hav 2 scrap it after few time

I buy AGS battery in 18 August 2013 just in 9 month it dead , it make really shock battery gone just in 9 months my last battery run almost three year. I asked many battery shop all saying Exide and Ags battery are not come good quality as they use to and that why they reduce there warranty. I am thinking to replace Ags battery with dry battery Is that Good use dry battery in Suzuki Mehran ? any suggestion will be great help Thanks

^ there must have been some problem with your car wiring or alternator.. AGS batteries are one of the best if not the best locally made batteries in PK.. they last many years.. Exides are pure crap for sure,.AGS rarely fail if ever

Dry battery is not a choice for cars,, especially mehran which usually requires 3-4 cold cranks before it starts.. dry battery will be damaged quickly.. only acid battteries are best for cars.!!