Changed location from Gulistan-e-Johar to Gulshan 13D-1

I have recently changed my location from Gulistan-e-Johar to Gulshan 13D-1 and as I turned on the device it went searching signals for about half an hour.. on calling the support, I was told to do HARD RESET of the device and I did so luckily I got 1 signal :).. thats an achievement.. :P.. (Let me tell you that i live in ground floor) I took the device and walked every corner of the house to get some more signal but no success .. As i took it out of the house I get 3 signals.. .. Support guys are telling me to put it outside the house :s.. crapp..

Now im living with 1 signal with the connection of 1mb and service is just crap..

below is the speed :S


what should i do guys.. help me out here..

Cancel the connection and get world call.

If you want to continue with wi-tribe you will have to get an external antenna installed to boost the signal.

in wimax mobilink infinity is really best.

If didn't get any service yet , try Qubee.