Certificate error. Contact to the application supplier


Hellow guys. Hope you are fine. Guys today I am going to dissscuss about the common error which we have in our S60 and S^3 mobile devices.

Certificate error. Contact to the application supplier

My main purpose is to give you information about this and how can we solve this. Actually when we found such type of error then its means that we have a problem with application certificate. So we need to Sign it. which means that we are removing the Developer restriction for that application.

How to Solve this Problem?

To solve this problem two steps are required.

1. Get Certificate and Key file for your mobile on the OPDA site.

[NOTE: OPDA required Donations for these files. But I found a site who solve this Donation Problem for free users. This hack is superb.]

2. Use free signer on your PC / Mobile to sign your mobile applications using these key and certificate files.

To found how it is possible. follow this link. This site completely describe both of these above mentioned step with Snapshots. I hope you found this helpful.

Link is there


Sign it with FreeSigner. If you still get a problem, get a sign key and certificate for your IMEI from OPDA. It will remove developer restriction on your cell and sign every application.

i am unable to get certificate key from OPDA for nokia c5 it says being produced now what to do with this problem .? who is producing this ?

Go to www.itdunya.com and search this topic. They have some websites that offer quick and free key and cert provision.

thanks i am already member but never stay there

thanks again


I used it for 4 different mobile and they provide me certificate file within 12 hours. try this.