Cellphone Question

AOA Everyone,

I was just wondering that if someone buys a Mobile Phone from UK without contract .... Will it work here in Pakistan?

Yes. Ofcourse, it would work. Just make sure that its not locked to a network. Since some people are selling locked phones on eBay in the UK.

Thanks rnathbatra. Query solved.

No problem bro. One point of advice though. Whenever buying mobile from outside Pakistan make sure that it supports both 1800 and 900 mhz GSM frequencies. You can check that by visiting GSMArena.com and searching for the mobile you want to buy. Its usually the first thing in the specificatoins.

I am saying this because once someone gifted a mobile to me which did not work on any network except Zong. I was curious as why this is happening. It turns out that Zong has 900 MHz frequencies in Karachi while other networks have 1800 Mhz signal (which is good since 1800 Mhz is recommended for densely populated areas) and that phone supported a only 900 Mhz GSM signal hence it worked with Zong only.

Hope this helps.

UK works on 1800. Many phones these days are tri-band (or atleast dual-band) phones.

GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900. Good enough? BTW, What are your thoughts about Nokia N8 :)


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GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900. Good enough? BTW, What are your thoughts about Nokia N8 :)

Yeah its good enough. ;).

N8 is a really capable phone only if you are willing to use the old Symbian operating system (which feels slow and un-intuitive). Otherwise, its one of the best cameraphones around without any question and battery life seems to be great as compared to other smartphones (from what i heard).

I have been using Symbian from the start so no such problem for me. I also read and saw how they would improve their UI/OS and it is something amazing. Big step by Nokia and wait for the Update to be released guys (PR 2.0 I think) 50+ New Features :D I think Nokia did an excellent job here.

If anyone tell me which is best...? Symbian or Android...?

^ android is way better than symbian.