CCNA in islamabad

hi guys

can any one tell me the procedure of CCNA and to get a proper certificate from CISCO ..............and how much will it cost with exams etc incl everything

i am thinking if i could do it in 2 months ...........and whats the examination fees ?

I would definitely would have replied but its not a place to ask these kind of questions. If it is I will reply. Mods plz b active!

Why is this not a place to ask such questions?

yeah...why not?

"Discussions of all things technology in Pakistan."

ALL, u c

Coz education and certs related questions aren't asked here.

So as far as ccna is concerned its not very difficut. You can prepare it within 2 months provided u have some background or knowledge of data communication.

U can also prepare from dumps( past papers like 5 years paper in fsc or metric). If u selfstudy it will cost u around 10500 rs.

U can study from cisco self study guides or sybex study guide by todd lamle is also great. Pass4sure's papers are availabe over the internet 4 the quick study.

One more thing 84 % is the pass percentage nd they hav also reduced the validity of certificate from 3 years to 2 years. As u r in Islamabad and are willing to spend some money COMSAT is a good option as there is cisco regional academy.


Which is the best cisco academy in Pindi/Islamabad for CCNP.

Thanks in advanced.


i think zohaib aslam did not see the name of forum "General Discussion" otherwise he may not say that it is not the place of such questions to ask.

and after saying that this is not the right place, zohaib aslam himself answer the query, first u forbade and then u replied urself.

i wanna know y this is not the right place to ask such questions, wiredpakistan is a tech forum and technology is nothing without education and information.

mr. kashif i am a cisco certified.if u want to know about anything about ccna u can contact me.(

Anybody who knows about sure guaranteed passing dumps of CCNA and MCSE contact me please.

so noone knows?

dear just visit their official site for information