CC of my complain to PTA


Hi,my name is Ali and my id card no is * and my phone number is *.

My phone number is * and I am using a 4mb connection for more then two years. Recently I am facing problems with connecting and the downstream rate varies from 1-4 mb depending on the time of the day.not to mention frequent disconnection. I have launched at three complains in the last week alone(last two complain were no 13 and no 30). They either call me visit my premise once in a while(the story of repeated complain) and then i get a msg "complain has been resolved". NO SIR! IT HAS NOT BEEN RESOLVED! The exchange guys seemed to be least bothered and imply that the conditions of telephone lines in General is poor and hence I should downgrade my connection(which I did to 1mb once,downstream rate was still not consistent). Last time I asked for advice from a ptcl person he blmed the issue on Road Construction(aren't ptcl lines on the poll?) Please request them to FIX my line,if there are joints in my line I am ready to pay for it if they won't change it other wise),even if its the issue. I am at a loss here,no clue.

I am not the PTCL technicians they are so please request them to fix the line instead of giving m e lucid answers.

There is no use complaining to those people as once I went to the exchange a couple of months back their landline phone kept ringing and instead of answering the phone they simple showed their frustration on how impatient people are. After a few months of repeated complain I have come to the end of my patience and am writing to PTA as a last resort. I am tired of explaining my problem again and again and again. I am close to a stage where i record it and play it every time I contact PTCL CSR.

If you can persuade them to fix my line fine! or i'll simply discontinue my subscription order a wireless connections and write about the whole situation in my blog.Yes I am THAT disappointed after months of sub standard service.

Kind Regards