Career Counsiling: Advice needed for further studies

I have just completed my B.Com privately. I received my degree yesterday from Karachi University getting 55%. The problem was I was more interested in programming stuff and I started freelancing a year ago so I got so busy and I thought of giving papers so at least I get the graduate degree.

Now moving forward, I was having financial issues so I was unable to go for BS from a good university and now as I'm getting good projects I can pay for my studies.

I really wanna join some IT area where I can enhance my skills and learn more. I have many freinds who suggested me M.IT and some others suggested my to go for MS.CS. I did not find any good university other then few low profile universities who were giving MIT and MCS degrees fro Bcom holders if they pass the enterence test and clear few basic subjects called zero semester.

I'm really confused what should I do as I don't have much experienced guys around me who can actually give me an Idea what should I go for.

By researching for a week I have come down to few options so I wanna ask you guys which route will you recommend.

1. PGD in software development from Karachi University and then go for M.IT

2. Bcs and then Mcs or MIT

3. Go for MBA

4. ACCA, CA or other accounting related ( I'm really not interested in accounts)

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you

Not really know about steps after Bcom, but I would suggest, get a technical degree (in IT, because that is what you like and you are good at). Get it from a good university (like FAST or LUMS) if you can.

And THEN do an MBA... that is the best combination!

^ The only university is SZABIST whoc are tacking the degree holders in there MS IT program but it is very expensive. Around 72000 per semester, having three semesters in a year.

ACCA is better, good scope here and abroad

^ But I wont be able to complete it. My grip on accounts is very poor. I got 55% in The marks speak itself.

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I went to BIZTEK institute today at shara e faisal. They are offering MCS after Its a 2 year program and its in my budget. Still need help and suggestions. I did not find biztek in HEC top 10 IT institutes rancking although its a HEC recognized.

@ Sah

Can you suggest anything. As I found your suggestions very helpful in the past.

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ACCA is better, good scope here and abroad

but passing ration very low and one has to do lot of hard work and devote lot of time.

Just checked.

Anybody can confirm.

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Is the degree from BIZTEK internationally recognized?

Yes, our degree is indeed internationally recognized. Some of the students have already opted and got transfers to world-renowned universities, such as University of Huddersfield, University of London and University of Hertfordshire etc.


You listed just about all the 'popular' degrees out there in your options. What do YOU want to do?

Well I listed all the options, I have after

But personally I'm really interested in computer languages. Recently I have started learnign C language and picking up the language pretty good. I learned PHP and right now I'm very good on it too. So that makes me think I could be very good in computer field. After that the only option and which I'm interested is MCS.(I can not do MS-CS, As I have not completed my 16 year of education, Bcom was of 2 years after intermediate) Which will be of 2 years. Only three universities are offering MCS. BIZTEK, SZABIST, And Virtual University.

^ If you want to go into software development and want a job in Pakistan, then you should find out what requirements companies have for such a position. In western countries, as long as you have some sort of technical degree (CS, any engineering degree etc) they will hire you provided you have sufficient programming knowledge and experience. They would even hire you with a non-technical degree if you are that good, but that would be harder since non-technical degrees hold less value when applying for technical jobs.

At the end of the day, for programming at least, its really all about how much you know and can practically do. Degrees are just a formality.

So you mean if I go for a UNI, which has less value in local market like Virtual University. It will not matter ?

^ I mean you should do your research and figure out what matters in your local market! You must have some idea as to if you want to stay in Pakistan or not, if yes then which city, possibly which company or industry and so on. Ask people in that city and industry, contact companies directly or look at their websites, do whatever it takes and determine what is 'valued'.

I told you what companies value in western developed countries. Similarly you should find out:

- how much value is given to a degree

- which universities are most recognized

- how much value is given to experience. if you're starting out, do they expect you to have a certain number of years of experience or are they open to giving fresh graduates a chance.

- software is a huge industry, so which specific areas have the highest demand. Do your interests lie in those areas? [if you become an expert in C, and then find out there is next to no demand in Pakistan for C programmers, you're screwed]

I think you get the idea!

I already talked to the people in the industry. According to then the MCS degree itself is only valuable if you know the work. Right now I'm having dificulty selecting the university. I'm thinking of going for VU but the university itself has no value but I do not about there MCU program but there are many people working in companies like axact who were graduated from VU.

On the other hand biztek is also a good university with A category ranking in HEC.

in pakistan, it is a bad idea to do mcs from universities like this, there are so many people opting for these courses, one of my relative got a msc in computer science and got a job at warid with a pay of 5-6k...which increased to 12k...I recommend doing acca, people take 8years to complete it but still they do still have basic knowledge of accounts..i know a boy from our school who did o and a level with medical subjects but was unable to get into good uni, so he opted for acca and completed it in 2yrs..if you work will be able to do acca

i will recommend to go for technical learning instead of commercial / expensive / trendy education , like considering your field i will recommend you to get coding /designing etc certifications and continue your freelance career . thats what i think .

go for MBA IT.