Car Number

hi... i want to get the car number for lahore by my name

to get a specail number by own name for lahore use

Hamza or HAMZOO OR BALI OR NOKIA something like that......

so someone can tell me how and from where i can register this type of number for my vehical ?????/

and whts the tariff

thanx and regards

you cant get it from Lahore Just allowed in Peshawar

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you cant get it from Lahore Just allowed in Peshawar

Why am I surprised

i have seen tons of cars on motorway and JT road with names like Jatt 1, Gujjar, Mani 07 but i don't know where they got it.


they are all illegal

Acutally Sindh does allow personalized name plates. Atleast they did when I wanted to get one back in 2000. You buy a customized plate that they have availble and then it's your property. You can put it on any one car you own regardless of the car's own registration number. The only catch was the car had to be of Sindh registeration / Sindh number.

I don't know what's the cost or procedure now. Then it used to cost Rs. 20,000.

Yes I think personalized numbers are possible LEGALLY, you have to pay high for it though.

Sir its legal so many cars i seen ... .

and its in sindh .... can anyone just give me the contact number of that specific office

i think you should goto civic centre

it was but they have stopped issuing it now!