Car Audio System

Hey guys,

My car's panel got stolen a while back and now i want to buy a new one. I dont know much about the Panels and stuff so i want to know more about it. Im looking to buy a new audio system for my car which has a USB port on the front so i can connect my USB drive and lissen to the songs easily. That is the main requirement.. So can someone guide me as to where i should go and what brand i should go for? Also what price range am i looking at here? 10k?


P.S: Im in karachi..

10k is for something quite good.

will you be hooking up a sub n additional speakers with it?

Pioneer headunits are good.

BUT theres a lot of fakes of many brands floating about in the market so BEWARE.

best id recommend u to visit

ask there in the car entertainment/audio section.

There're many many people there who'll be happy to help u out, right to the nitty gritty of the thing.

Do tell which one u end up buying.

Im happy with the default speakers of Civic.. i just need the panel to lissen to some songs.. I dont really lissen at loud sounds so i wont be buying speakers though.

Thanks though, Ill check out pakwheels !

I bought Pioneer 3250UB for 9.2k and sold my old player without the panel for 1.2k so paid 8k.

Loving it !

hmm gud i like ur choice. decent even with a sub i guess if u so choose in future.