Capture tv programs using tv and computer

Whats the best best method to capture programs from tv using a computer(laptop/desktop)? which is also available in Pakistan...

Or may be a tunner card for laptop which can do the job very good way with good quality video with standard size etc...

buy a good Tv tuner card , A power ful PC .Won't work good in cable , you have to buy DISH ..

Suggestion: Publishing Tv programs on internet without permission from copyright holder is a crime..

watch this video

OMG ... That doesn't sound good! does it also include news etc?

One way to do it is dazzle video capture card, reffer to youtube but does that available in Pakistan.

What you need

1. Video Tuner card, you can buy Pinnacle external usb device

2. A software, you can use pinnacle comes with video tuner card

3. A dish line/Cable line

But the question is that, is this card available in Pakistan?

I was asking same in another thread:

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Buy a capture device usb or pci doesn't matter if you only need to capture stuff. otherwise buy a good tuner card from Pinnacle, MSI or Asus. capturing requires composite, s-video or component inputs/outputs for example a vcr, satellite receiver, etc. if you want to record programs from cable then a tuner card will do the job well. check the prices at czone

@ShuAK:Thanks for the info buddy!

Product chosen:

Pinnical Dazzle Video Creator Plus!

Now need a local shop to purchase this, if someone have an idea about where can i find it, plz post, also they don't ship to/sell online to Pakistani people :-( .

Great product bro but i don't think its available in Pakistan.

^Unfortunately lots of good things not available here, also weakness or a even worse word for countries administration that we didn't got a status yet to have country's name in "Country Drop downs" on web forms world wide.

Who would you held responsible?

My suggestion is that u may use cable as youtube videos are of very low quality so you don't need best cable line or tv source , good may be enough as it will be converted to flv.

You may upload videos on youtube but don't hide their logo and put disclaimer and must credit tv channel and program as if any copyright issue arise they will tag and you may remove your video without loosing your account.

For pinnacle card visit (ttp:// agn technologies.

Yes correct flv is a great source of software which really improve the quality of video, its available for download on free of cost....!!

Thanks for great response!


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