Canon sd3500

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Mr. Daanish Mohsin,

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I can buy it for 20,000 if you accept it.. that is all I can give you.. based on the market price and the usage.

Read the B/S/T rules and follow them.

are one still costs $349.99+tax and 20000 is half the price......its usage is daily because it has everything that a dslr camera has..

Mr. Daanish,

How much is $330 converted into pakistani ruppees? It make 27720 rs. !!! You must have calculator so try that.. you are asking 39,000 for something that costs 27720??? I failed to understand that.. Can you explain this???

sorry bro my bad...i posted the wrong price...i uploaded another was for that apology!!

and its not 330 its more than 350

which camera is priced 40,000??? upload the pics of that one too..

nikon d3000...its a dslr camera..the starter of dslr cameras