Cannot send email in Gmail

Hello Friends

I am getting the same error message and I can not send emails! "Oops-a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#721)" this is not happening from my other gmail account and I have also used Internet Explorere & Google Chrome but same result please help me out

Windows XP Professional Version 2002 service pack 3

Mozilla 3.5.9



Nothing you can do about it. Email gmail support for help :) The problem is on their end.

Zeeshan, do you have a firewall running?

^^How can a firewall running on his computer possibly have any effect on gmail's servers? It can't. The problem is on gmail's end.

It can. Some firewalls are known to interfere with Gmail because of their scanning patterns.

Don't ask me - but it happens.

I'd suggest you try this question in the Gmail forums - you'd probably find an answer there

Ya same i cant send mail to gamil accounts thru hotmail

using avg 9 n it has a big firewall pattern what to allow n what not to dont know well any one