Cannot configure Tenda Wireless with PTCL

Hello, I just got Tenda W168R 54M Wireless Router. I tried to configure it in both ways automatically and manually. Automatically, it detected Dynamic IP and by manually I choose PPPoE(something like that) with user name and password that I used in my PTCL (ZXDSL) Modem. All the time I get IP, gateway, DNS...

Please help with this.


Have you tried changing the ip address of the wireless router? Connect your wireless router through a wire to your computer. Go to it's setting page. You can do that by going to When it asks for password enter in your default username and password. It's admin for both normally. When a new page opens up. Go to ip settings. And change it's ip to something like Now after you have done that again run the wizard with automatic settings.

Hope this helps.


junaid try this simple as ptcl modem ip is change ur tenda ip to

choose dynamic ip in tenda and connect all the lines...

off both the modems and on it back ur done with it

Junaid, did you get your router and modem to run properly?

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