Candy Paradise Sweet Candy

Candy Paradise Sweet Candy is a match 3 game and has just arrived for summer candy fever. In sweetest candy paradise ,let’s join Alice to start candy journey adventure in wonderland ! Are you a crafty candy magic hand of match three game ? Are you an epic frenzy gamer of candy crush games ? Now join us in this candy blast fever and help the Knight to rescue the legend candy princess. Link and match 3 candies together and smash your way through candy land paradise .

In this pop candy paradise, you will meet jelly candy, fruit candy, sweet marshmallow, lollipop giant, cookies & yummy and more jucie cans. It is a candy party mania. Your candy journey starts on an candy island full with colorful ice frozen candies ; then you come to a mystery candy land with Egypt gold candy palace;after you will come to a magic garden made of tasty cookies in next match fever. Your wonderland adventure just begins. Brain out and match 3 candies plus to complete candy blast missions and solve candy puzzles and finally rescue the kidnapped candy princess .

Sweet Candy Smash Paradise match three gameplay and features:

● Everyday free diamonds to buy jelly fish ,swap candy props .

● Classic match 3 game with smash and blast bomb effects

● Wonderland paradis with special candy , cookie ,nuts ,stars , free moves

● Match three or more candies to get stunning matching effects

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● Various prop and booster to help rose knight to adventure on candy land

● login bonus and play lucky roulette everyday to win free diamonds

● Survive is not easy , remember to add more lives to adventure on

Special candies handbook of Sweet Candy Smash Paradise

●Swipe to match 3 candies of the same color to progress

●Match 4 candies of the same color to get a line bomb candy

●Match 5 candies of the same color to get a colorful candy ball

●Match candies in L or T shape to get special wrapped candy

●Jelly fish candy help you remove candy of its color

● Mix special candies to get extraordinary matching effects

● Candy booster like jelly fish, lollipop , and free swap and moves

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Enjoy your candy paradise journey in this fun candy match game . Now join us in this wonderful legendary candy fairy tale palace exploration journey ! Are you the knight we are looking for ?

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