Can you get Nayatel internet for a lower rate?

I was deciding to switch my ISP because lately PTCL has been very very poor. Half of the month the internet keeps disconnecting, speeds are low and now torrents don't work. I decided to check out Nayatel but a price of 24000 is too much.

Can't I get only internet for something cheaper?

IIRC, they used to offer the ONT on installments over a two-year period (24 months, 1K/month). Dunno if that's still true now. You should call them or check their website.

I checked their website but I wasnt able to understand much.

I believe they still do.

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The total cost of a home setup is as follows:

1. Installation Charges: Rupees 3000. Includes Fiber Optic Cable upto 100 feet. They will charge more if more cable is required. The distance is from the nearest point they can pull a cable to your home.

2. ONT: (Optical Network Terminal). This is a little white box that makes the magic happen. The upfront cost is 26,000. But you can purchase it for 1000 per month for a total of 26months (no interest on installments). I think this is tied to askari bank only and you must always have a balance that is greater than 26,000 during the pay back period, but i am not too sure about this. Also included in this cost is a UPS for ONT which is capable of powering up the router as well.

3. Router: Any router would work barring some older models. To be honest Nayatel does charge a fair bit premium over market rates. I asked them what router they use and bought one off the market (this was in feb 2008). Say you want a Dlink 618. IIRC the price is around ~4200 (netpaq in blue area seems to have the best prices)

Thus the minimum amount you would need to start off with is:

Installation (3000) +ONT Cost (1000) +Router (4200) = 8200

You would need to payback 1000 per month for the next 25 months which will be included in the billed amount.

Hope this helps