Can you convert Cable internet (cat5) into WiFi?

What sort of device(s) would be used for such? Thanks.

A wifi switch.

Use Wifi router? Just insert cable into router and make it Wifi.

give ur wifi router to ur cable operator and just ask him to adjust settings on it i.e WAN ip address DNS server address. he will do these settings and then give it to u just insert your cable into router and enjoy wifi.

wifi router ==> as in ptcl wifi router? if that's the case i've couple of them extra lying aroud. But are you sure it will work just with router? the phone wire is input and ethernet cable is output in normal router. HOWEVER in the case of cable internet conversion to WIFI, the eth cable (cat5) would become the input?????am i missing something.......

Its my releatives who have cable net. They are getting it for free with their tv cable but don't use it coz they are using evo. But speed there is very good, last time when i was there i just plugged in the cable just to see if it was even working and speed was touching 500KB, i guess most of their building don't use it.

I'll take my routers next time when i visit them.

Thanks for the input.

Simply Buy a wifi switch insert the LAN cable provided by you cable internet provider, and share your internet within your household or to whatever range the wifi switch provides. You may or may not need to secure your wifi switch depending what you want to do with it. If you do then access the switch and put in the necessary settings to avoid your internet being used by unwanted people.

I am assuming that it is just a typical cable internet connection. If so and if it is just common ethernet connection with DHCP assignments and without MAC binding, just plug it into WAN port of any wireless router and it should work out of the box. If IP assignment is static instead of DHCP, you will need to configure WAN IP/DNS settings manually.

If the provider uses MAC binding, you will need to clone the MAC address of the registered device onto your router's WAN interface to allow connection.

For the MAC binding part, you will need a router that can clone MAC. I am not sure if PTCL's routers can do that.


As others have said, a wireless router ... the one with the WAN port ... would work well! You just need to know the configuration of the network ... DHCP being just plug and play while the connection provider may use static IPs or MAC filtering etc... requiring some (minimal) configuration!

As far as the W150D Adsl router from PTCL is concerned, it can be configured as a Wireless Router as in my post here: