Can we watch Cricket World Cup 2011 on HD in PAKISTAN?

Is there any way to watch to watch this coming Cricket World Cup on HD in Pakistan . Plus wat other HD channels are available in Pakistan?

Yep, i wanna know dis too.

get an OSN decoder and yes u can... Showsports 1 is transmitted in HD and should be covering the world cup... even the sound is on 5.1

i'll post a screenshot of the HD channels tomorrow received here in karachi on OSN official decoder...

^ cool .. show us

But will OSN covers areas like lahore and islamabad.. plus wat is the price of decoder and wat r monthly or quaterly charges..?

^^ there beam barely reaches karachi, with the angle of the dish pointed straight on the horizon... so lahore and isloo are out...

OSN is a good choice but sadly only for people living in lower parts of Pakistan. :(

but most of the indian DTH providers will also be carrying the HD feed. But their HD decoders are still not available all over Pakistan.

Update folks... i jst recieved an email from OSN CS department and they said "Unfortunately OSN will not be showing the ICC Cricket World Cup. It will be broadcasted by another service provider"

Talking abt indian offers , i checked Dish TV, Air Tel and TATA Sky .. an they aint offering any Sports Channel on HD at the moment. Correct me if I m wrong.

So do we have any other options in terms of watching ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 on HD, specially in lahore and islamabad. ????

I miss SKY HD box with more 50 HD channels ... :(

Cric One has the rights of 2011 WC for Middle East which is available on Pehla (ADD) package. So yea OSN will not be showing this event.

Regarding Indian channels, they'll surely have atleast one HD channels for WC. right now Dish TV has Ten Cricket in HD, Tata Sky has Neo Cricket in HD, Airtel has ESPN in HD which they'll switch to the channel showing WC when it starts.

Sky is a dream come true for any TV fan but bro dont talk about those luxuries in Pak, it hurts :(

So any updates on this topic? I really want to watch the worldcup in HD. Someone told me that i should get the Dish TV network and it will show cricket in HD. Where can i confirm this? I am in Karachi btw.

yes you can watch worldcup in hd on 13 east hotbird eurosports hd

^ TRuE !

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yes you can watch worldcup in hd on 13 east hotbird eurosports hd

how do we get it ?

Full hotbird can be easily accessed if someone provides you with a good working cline.. :P

^Now whats that?

^ Cline is used for sharing purpose.For eg you got paid subscription and want to share it with me so you have to give me cline for that purpose.Cline is of different protocols like gbox,ccam blah blah.. the popular among them is CCAM sharing and after that gbox sharing.In Pakistan many provides you with this but for that you need is a decoder which is capable of sharing and which can allow ccam sharing.. dreambox is one of the popular STB used for it.

That means, i will have to buy a dish, a decoder etc to get direct reception, and then either I pay the subscription in full or get sharing with someone? Am I right ?

^ Yup.. dish ,decoder is must .. :)

u need dreambox 800 hd price 26000 for sharing 8 feet fiber dish for hotbird 10000 and paid server for all channels 400 per month max u can watch all stuff channels and worldcup in HD

Can we get numbers on where do we get this stuff from ?

Contact person in Karachi?