Can we make free non-profit websites....?

how can we make our own free non profit website..

can anybody help me plz......?

i hve blogs & &

but i wnt a complete website 4 freeeeeeeeee!

Build the site yourself.Nobody is going to build site for you for free.

you know what? it easy to make a plan to build non profit website but hard to maintain it, specially (hosting charges, developers interest etc )

well if you want to make a non-profit website for some kind of purpose (like religion, nature protection etc) you may find some people who willing to work on your site for free.

You can make non-profit website but you have to pay some amount for domain and hosting. Some one would help you definitely. There is lot of website run non-profit. By the way what type of website you want to make. Can you give little description?


I can help you in it!

basically will provide ya hosting/ Domain etc subject to your idea clickedme

i wnt 2 build a non-profit website.

but everything is not free.

if u want 2 help me so please please put my blogs ad,s on

these r my blogs & &

Oh seems somthing wrong with free website idea.


if you want to make a non-profit, 1st tell me the the site idea and for what you are making it ....

i can give you 8000 page impression per week :)

There is one deaf and blind school which has web site but poorly made by non-professional person. Thanks him that person who put time and work to make that website. Any one can do work for that web site.


What does it mean page impression per week? is it helpful to website?

yeah 8000 banner impressions per week. yeah it is.. this is what every webmaster wants for his/her site.

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yeah 8000 banner impressions per week. yeah it is… this is what every webmaster wants for his/her site.

Oh plezzzzzzzzzz, the bot traffic would be no help for the site UNLESS he likes numbers. :confused:

you can build the non profit if you have interest because the idea is not to earn profit but make community of the people have some thoughts There are plenty of script you can use to Jump Start.

For content Managment




For Forums



for Social Networking




So its upto you how you want to go. you get 1000's of scripts online but still need to pay for the hosing :)