Can we connect 12v ups and 24v ups on same batteries?


I hope everyone is alright by the grace of almighty Allah. I am using 24v Apollo Inverter with 2x 175A Ags battery since July 24,2016 + 620 watt solar panels inverex with 30A systek mppt solarcharger connected with this setup. Day time full on solar after 7:45 P.M or 9:45 P.M switch to wapda till 8:00 A.M Now after two years of giving good performance one of my battery become weak. After 4 hour of providing backup it drop to 9.6 volts while other battery is at 12-11.9 volts. I have one 12v homage Inverter. I want to connect it to only provide backup from one battery when the 24v ups shutdown (not want to connect it to wapda)

Please tell is this possible?

Jazak Allah and Thanks in advance.

yes you can. But not recommended as it wil cause unbalance and faster depreciation of one battery.


though not recommended, but in case:
you need to turn off the charging by the homage inverter through built in functions or through amendments in the ups or through external circuit. You can set the threshold for charging voltages too high let say 16V. Therefore even if the battery charges, homage inverter wouldnt initiate charging process.
Or you can use a single diode of appropriate current rating, ie., the maximum current that can be drawn by the battery for an ideal condition. ie., if the rating of UPS is 1000W, let it draw ~83A. Select 90A diode. Connect the p junction of the diode to the battery and negative to the UPS. This wouldn’t allow UPS to be charged by homage inverter but allow it to use battery to invert the DC voltages.
Connect 12V battery with the homage inverter as well.
Provide power supply to the homage inverter from the load of the apollo inverter.

Connect the load to the homage inverter. As long as apollo inverter provides power, load would be connected to the apollo inverter but as soon as it trips, load will be shifted to the homage inverter.